COVID 19: Hearings in Gate House

Following the closure of the Tribunal’s offices and courtrooms, from 7 September 2020, the majority of our hearings continue to be held remotely.  Please do not attend the Tribunal unless you have been notified that your hearing is taking place at Gate House.

Retirement of Jim Astle and Stephen Howe

September sees the retirement of two of the SDT’s Members. Jim Astle, Solicitor Member of the SDT since 2009, retired on 14 September 2020 and Stephen Howe, Lay Member of the SDT since 2006, formally retired at the same time.

SDT Re-Accredited As An Investor In People

Following an online re-assessment visit in early August 2020, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal has maintained its Investors in People status at the Standard level, with an increase in the number of Indicators achieving higher performance levels.


The Tribunal’s offices and courtrooms at Gate House are currently closed until further notice in light of the coronavirus outbreak.  Please do not attend the Tribunal until further notice.

Annual Report 2019

The SDT published its Annual Report for 2019 on 24 July 2020.

The Report shows that the SDT received a total of 137 applications in 2019, including 10 lay applications from members of the public against solicitors.  It sat for 308 days and heard 144 cases.