Changes to the Tribunal's Membership

As you may have seen from our website previously this year Laurence Gilford, Richard Hegarty and Millius Palayiwa have retired. In addition Timothy Smith, Howard Sharkett and Martin Jackson have resigned.

Memorandum of Understanding

On 23 August 2019, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and its administration company Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Administration Ltd signed a new 3 year Memorandum of Understanding with the Legal Services Board and The Law Society. 

Retirement of Richard Hegarty

Richard Hegarty, Solicitor Member of the SDT since 2009, retired on 15 August 2019. Richard, in his piece for this year’s Annual Report acknowledged the considerable changes he had seen during his time at the Tribunal including in respect of the complexity of cases.

Ged Fisher

The President of the Tribunal, Edward Nally, is sorry to announce the death of former Vice-President and Lay Member Ged Fisher on 13 April 2019.