Updated Practice Direction in respect of Remote and Hybrid Hearings

In response to the coronavirus outbreak the Tribunal introduced remote hearings. Whilst the majority of hearings will continue to take place remotely for the foreseeable future the Tribunal will be listing a small number of “hybrid” hearings at Gate House from September 2020. A hybrid hearing is one at which some participants attend in person and some attend via a video platform.

To assist all parties the Tribunal has issued an updated Practice Direction dated 28 August 2020 in relation to remote and hybrid hearings. This supersedes the Practice Direction dated 15 April 2020 in respect of remote hearings. The Practice Direction applies to proceedings in relation to matters governed by the Solicitors (Disciplinary Procedure) Rules 2007, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (Appeals and Amendment) Rules 2011 and the Solicitors (Disciplinary Procedure) Rules 2019.

The Tribunal will be issuing updated User Guidance for those participating in hybrid hearings as soon as possible.

To access the Practice Direction please click here.

If you have any queries in relation to remote or hybrid hearings or are a member of the public or press who wishes to attend a remote or hybrid hearing please contact us by email to enquiries@solicitorsdt.com