Retirement of Nicola Lucking and Stuart Hill

March has seen the retirement of two of the SDT’s Members. Nicola Lucking, Solicitor Member of the SDT since 2006, retired on 17 March 2020 and Stuart Hill, Lay Member of the SDT since 2009, retired on 23 March 2020. Both Nicola and Stuart have sat on a considerable number of cases during their time at the Tribunal bringing their respective knowledge and skills to their roles and ensuring that cases were determined effectively and efficiently.

The President of the SDT, Edward Nally, commented on their time as Members of the SDT and said:

"We have lost two highly respected and popular Tribunal Members in Nicola and Stuart , and they will both be sadly missed as they retire -and hopefully relax- away from their Tribunal duties .Nicola was well known for her friendly and relaxed manner which contrasted with a crystal clear and no nonsense approach in her judicial style. She has been involved in and has chaired some particularly high profile and demanding cases over the years , and has done so with  considerable skill and effectiveness. Stuart was well known for his skill at identifying in  a logical fashion the nub of the issues, through his well-developed attention to detail and  clear grasp of the underlying facts and evidence that unfolds as cases progress.

Both of these colleagues have been a pleasure to work alongside, and on behalf of all at the Tribunal I wish them both a long and happy retiremen  ,with thanks for what they have each achieved ."