Retirement of Millius Palayiwa, Lay Member and Lay Vice-President

Millius Palayiwa, Lay Member of the SDT since 2009, retired on 3 March 2019.

Millius was elected Lay Vice-President of the Tribunal by his fellow Members in May 2016 and continued in that role until his retirement. Millius has made a considerable contribution to the Tribunal and will be missed. Invariably if Millius was asked how he was he would respond ‘sparkling’ and this was reflective of his positive attitude.

The President of the SDT, Edward Nally, noted Millius' achievements during his service to the SDT. He added:

“Millius will be missed by all of his colleagues here at the SDT. He has made a mature and positive contribution to the SDT, and has sat on some challenging and difficult cases in which he has participated in a thoughtful and scrupulously fair manner at all times. He has also supported me in my role as President, and I have been  grateful for his counsel as Lay Vice President during his term in that role.”

Members and staff of the SDT wish Millius a long and happy retirement.