Retirement of Lucinda Barnett, Stephen Marquez, Jane Martineau and Patrick Booth

Spring 2021 sees the retirement of four highly respected Tribunal members. Cindy Barnett, Steve Marquez and Jane Martineau all retire in March and Patrick Booth in April.

Cindy Barnett has been a distinguished and well respected member of the Tribunal since 2009.  She served as the Lay Vice President for three years until 2016 and brought to the Tribunal immense experience and authority. Cindy’s fellow lay member, Steve Marquez has been a member of the Tribunal since 2006.  Steve brought an appreciation and corporate edge to his work on the Tribunal and an ability to hone in upon the key pieces of evidence and principles involved in a case. 

Jane Martineau has been a solicitor member of the Tribunal since 2006 and has added vast experience and gravitas to the Tribunal. She has been able to absorb and deal with many complex cases, often as Chair with considerable calm and authority, and an overriding sense of fairness in the delivery of her work.  Patrick Booth has been a solicitor member of the Tribunal since 2015. During his time on the Tribunal he has shown a keen forensic approach and a clear eye and focus on the detail of the cases upon which he has sat. 

The President of the Tribunal Edward Nally commented “All four of these members have brought their own unique skills and achievements to the work of the Tribunal.  They do however share a common bond and that is the dedication, skill and integrity that they have shown in working on behalf of the Tribunal." 

The members and staff of the Tribunal wish all of them a long and happy retirement.