Retirement of Jim Astle and Stephen Howe

September sees the retirement of two of the SDT’s Members. Jim Astle, Solicitor Member of the SDT since 2009, retired on 14 September 2020 and Stephen Howe, Lay Member of the SDT since 2006, formally retired at the same time.

Having been Members of the Tribunal for some years it is no surprise that they have sat on a substantial number of cases during that time. Whilst Jim and Stephen brought different professional knowledge and skills to their respective roles both were committed to ensuring that cases were determined effectively and efficiently.

The President of the SDT, Edward Nally, commented on their time as Members of the SDT and said:

“It is with considerable sadness that we have to say farewell to both Steve and Jim. They represent two of our most experienced members and both are highly respected.  Between them they have sat over the years on a variety of important and significant cases. Each has brought compassion, skill and an innate sense of justice to their work in the Tribunal, for which they deserve great credit, and our thanks go to them for all their service to the SDT"

Members and staff of the SDT wish Jim and Stephen happy retirements from the Tribunal.