Outcome of the Review of the Tribunal's Listing Strategy

The Tribunal’s Policy Committee met on 19 April 2022 and carefully considered the 26 questionnaire responses it had received in respect of the Tribunal’s listing strategy. 24 of these responses came from individuals and the other two from the SRA and the Law Society. The Policy Committee expressed its thanks to all those who had taken the time to respond.

The responses to the questionnaire expressed a range of views. Having taken all the views expressed into account the Policy Committee decided that with effect from 1 June 2022 the Tribunal’s listing strategy would be:

  • Case management hearings and interim applications will be listed to be heard remotely by default. Parties can apply for an in-person hearing if they want to, and applications will be considered by the Tribunal. If the parties to the case are agreed as to the type of hearing they would like this will still be determined by the Tribunal.
  • All substantive hearings  (including Restoration to the Roll etc) will be listed in person by default. Parties may apply for a remote hearing if they wish, and any such applications will be considered by the Tribunal. If the parties agree that they want a remote hearing then they will still need to make an application for this type of hearing and this will be determined by the Tribunal.
  • The Tribunal’s Guidance “Points to Note: In-Person/Hybrid and Remote Hearings at the Tribunal” will no longer be used and for first instance proceedings the Overriding Objective (Rule 4 of The Solicitors (Disciplinary Proceedings) Rules 2019 and the specific facts of the case will inform the Tribunal’s decisions as to the appropriate type of hearing.
  • Agreed Outcome applications will continue to be considered as now (which is normally on the papers with a case management hearing listed if required).