Guidance Note on Other Powers of the Tribunal - 6th Edition

On 9 March 2022 the SDT's Policy Committee, led by the President of the Tribunal Alison Kellett, approved for publication the 6th Edition of its Guidance Note on Other Powers of the Tribunal. This edition replaces all previous editions of this Guidance Note and will apply to all cases to be heard by the Tribunal with immediate effect.

The Guidance has been updated to highlight the differences in the Tribunal’s powers depending on whether the SRA or the Tribunal imposed a Section 43 order. The Tribunal does not have jurisdiction to hear an application for the revocation of a Section 43 Order made by the SRA (this must be made directly to the SRA as the body which imposed the Order). The Tribunal does have the power to review a Section 43 Order made by the SRA. The updated Guidance Notes clarifies the approach the Tribunal takes to a specific application depending on whether the application is for a review or revocation of the relevant Section 43 order.

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