Guidance Note: Health Issues

The Tribunal has published its Guidance Note: Health Issues. This Guidance Note is intended to assist applicants and respondents wishing to raise a health issue before the Tribunal and applies to all proceedings before the Tribunal. It is issued as guidance by the Policy Committee of the Tribunal and has been developed with input from the Tribunal Members and clerks and key stakeholders. 

We hope that, by documenting and publishing this Guidance Note it will enable all those involved in proceedings before the Tribunal to understand the Tribunal’s approach to health issues and the type of evidence that is required.

Edward Nally, President of the Tribunal said: “Health issues, particularly mental health and stress related ones are a recurring feature in our hearings and casework generally. So I hope this Guidance will prove an invaluable steer for those who appear at the SDT. Our abiding concern is to achieve a fair and efficient hearing for all.”