Further Preparations for the coming into force of the Solicitors (Disciplinary Proceedings) Rules 2019

The Solicitors (Disciplinary Proceedings) Rules 2019 (“SDPR 2019”) come into force on 25 November 2019, and will apply to all cases certified as showing a case to answer on or after 25 November 2019.

In preparation for the SDPR 2019 the Tribunal has published the following new forms:

Form of Application

Application Notice (to be used for procedural applications made under Rule 22, excluding Applications for Special Measures)

Applications for Special Measures (SDPR 2019)

The introduction of the Form of Application means there will no longer be separate application forms for each type of application.  The Applicant will instead need to choose the relevant application from Sections A, B, C or D and complete the necessary fields before signing the form.  A Plain Text version of the form is available upon request.

The Certificate of Readiness and Hearing Timetable have been merged and the updated document can be found here. This should be used for proceedings under both the Solicitors (Disciplinary Proceedings) Rules 2007 (“SDPR 2007”) and SDPR 2019.

Please note that procedural applications and applications for special measures under the SDPR 2007 should continue to be made using the existing forms. Forms 5-7 as specified in the SDPR 2007 will remain in use for proceedings subject to those Rules and can be found at Constitutions and Procedures under Forms.

The SDT's Policy Committee, led by the President of the Tribunal, Edward Nally, has also published an updated “Protocol for the production and use of electronic bundles using the CaseLines system”.  The changes to the Protocol are summarised here.

The 3rd Edition of the Guidance Note on Appeals will be published as soon as possible.

If you have any queries about the implementation of the SDPR 2019 please contact us at Enquiries@solicitorsdt.com or on 0207 329 4808.