Changes to the Tribunal's Membership

As you may have seen from our website previously this year Laurence Gilford, Richard Hegarty and Millius Palayiwa have retired. In addition Timothy Smith, Howard Sharkett and Martin Jackson have resigned.

Whilst we are sad to see them leave us the Tribunal is delighted to announce that the Master of the Rolls, Sir Terence Etherton, has appointed two new Solicitor and three new Lay Members to the Tribunal. These Members were recruited as part of the previous round of Member appointments (completed in 2015) on the basis that they would be appointed if the Tribunal needed more Members before the next formal round of Member recruitment (which it is anticipated will take place next year). That need has now arisen and these Members have been appointed.

The new Solicitor Members are Claire Jones and Bhavna Patel. The new Lay Members are Elizabeth Chapman MBE, Adair Richards and Jennifer Rowe. Members of the Tribunal and the administrative team are looking forward to working with our new colleagues.