Annual Report 2020

The SDT published its Annual Report for 2020 on 30 July 2021.

The Report shows that the SDT received a total of 114 applications in 2020, including 10 lay applications from members of the public against solicitors.  It sat for 253 days and 129 cases were concluded. 96% of cases were first listed for a substantive hearing within 6 months of issue.

There were 169 court days that were not effective due to adjournments – the most common reason being the respondent not being ready. Whilst the number of days that were not effective increased from c.112.5 days in 2019 it is important to note that 70.5 of the 169 days were attributable to Covid 19 or to the case not being suitable for a remote hearing.

The average cost per court over the year was £10,989 compared to £9,446 in 2019. The main reason for this increase was because the SDT’s administrative expenses (which are largely fixed costs) were spread over 55 fewer hearing days in 2020. The annual cost to the solicitors profession of the SDT was £18.40 per practising solicitor. The actual cost per regulated person in 20220 fell by 6.7% on the previous year.

Please click here for access to the full Annual Report for 2020.