Updated Guidance Note on Sanctions

On 15 June 2022 the SDT’s Policy Committee, led by the President of the Tribunal Alison Kellett published the 10th Edition of its Guidance Note on Sanctions. This edition includes amendments to the costs section (pages 21 to 24) to reflect recent caselaw.

Goodbye to Simon Tinkler and Nalini Chavda

Simon Tinkler ceased to be a member of the Tribunal at the end of April 2022 as he has been appointed as a Deputy High Court Judge. Simon had been a solicitor member of the Tribunal since 2009. During that time Simon sat on, and chaired, numerous cases.

Outcome of the Review of the Tribunal's Listing Strategy

The Tribunal’s Policy Committee met on 19 April 2022 and carefully considered the 26 questionnaire responses it had received in respect of the Tribunal’s listing strategy. 24 of these responses came from individuals and the other two from the SRA and the Law Society.