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What are the opening times of the Tribunal?

The Tribunal's offices are open from 9 am to 5 pm.  Hearings usually start at 10.00am, but please check forthcoming hearings for specific details.


Can I find out whether a solicitor has ever appeared as a respondent before the SDT?

Yes. If the name of the solicitor you are interested in does not appear in the Judgment search, please contact us and a member of staff will provide an answer.

Can the Tribunal award compensation?

The Tribunal does not have power to award compensation. The Legal Ombudsman does have power to do so. Please click here for a link to the Ombudsman's website.

Can I have a copy of a Judgment (the document containing the Tribunal's detailed reasons, findings and orders)?

Yes, in most cases. Judgments from 2002 onwards are available to download from our website. Older Judgments are not currently available to download, but can be obtained via post or email from the Tribunal’s office. Please contact us and a member of staff will be happy to assist you. In certain cases, particularly if the Tribunal has ordered that the hearing should take place in private, the Judgment may not be available to anyone other than the parties to the case without specific permission of the Tribunal.

How soon after a final hearing will the Judgment be made available?

The SDT aims to produce Judgments within seven weeks of the last day of the hearing in 80% of cases. Judgments may take longer to produce in lengthy and/or complex cases.

How do I obtain a transcript of a hearing?

The Tribunal does not produce written transcripts of its hearings.  It does make audio copies of hearings available on request.  A copy of a hearing is not available when the hearing took place in private or when the Tribunal has ordered that the recording should not be released.  Parties to a case are always entitled to an audio copy of the hearing. 


Request for recordings should be sent to, or in writing to the following address: 

Klaudia Lyczkowska

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

5th Floor Gate House

1 Farringdon Street




Depending on the size of the audio file, we may charge a £10 fee to provide the recording.  However, our aim is to provide copies of hearings free of charge where possible.  In some cases, we may need to provide the recording in CD format, in which case you will need to download free software called 'The Record Player' from 


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