The Tribunal's powers are defined by the Solicitors Act 1974, section 47 (as amended by the Administration of Justice Act 1985 and the Courts & Legal Services Act 1990), which also grants it discretion to make such order as it thinks right in respect of any application, save for one made under Section 43 (relating to solicitors' clerks).

Please refer to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Guidance Note on Sanctions (10th Edition) and Guidance Note on Other Powers of the Tribunal (6th Edition) for details of the Tribunal's powers. The Guidance Notes apply to cases heard from 1 January 2022.

For previous editions of the Guidance Note on Sanctions, please contact the SDT administrative office by telephone to 0207 329 4808 or by email to Enquiries@solicitorsdt.com

In particular the Tribunal may order:

  • the striking off the Roll of the name of the solicitor to whom the application or complaint relates;
  • the suspension of that solicitor from practice indefinitely or for a specified period;
  • fine(s) to be imposed, without financial limit and forfeit to Her Majesty;
  • the exclusion of a solicitor from legal aid work (either permanently or for a specified period);
  • the determination of a solicitor's indefinite period of suspension from practice;
  • the restoration to the Roll of the name of a former solicitor whose name has been struck off the Roll and to whom the application relates;
  • in the case of a former solicitor whose name has been removed from the Roll, a direction prohibiting the restoration of his name to the Roll except by order of the Tribunal;
  • the payment by any party of costs or a contribution towards costs of such amount as the Tribunal may consider reasonable.