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At the initiation of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, a Tribunal User Group Committee ("UGC") has been established, chaired by Edward Nally, President of the Tribunal.  The UGC held its first meeting in April 2013, and met every four months in its first year of operation. The UGC's terms of reference are to provide a forum for improving efficiency and consistency in Tribunal and cross-party case management and to assist in building understanding between stakeholders, by provision of a forum for voicing opinion and wider concerns of stakeholders, including Tribunal users.

A summary of the key decisions/topics under discussion by/of the UGC follows below:

UGC Meeting 13 March 2019 (Summary of Topics under Discussion)

UGC Meeting 11 September 2018 (Summary of Topics under Discussion)

UGC Meeting 13 March 2018 (Summary of Topics under Discussion)

UGC Meeting 31 October 2017 (Summary of Topics under Discussion)

UGC Meeting 6 June 2017 (Summary of Topics under Discussion)

UGC Meeting 20 February 2017 (Summary of Topics under Discussion)

UGC Meeting 2 November 2016

UGC Meeting 5 July 2016 (Revised)

UGC Meeting 17 November 2015

UGC Meeting 12 May 2015

UGC Meeting 25 November 2014

UGC Meeting 19 March 2014

UGC Meeting 29 October 2013

UGC Meeting 23 July 2013

UGC Meeting 10 April 2013
















The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal is committed to an evidence-based approach to policy-making and needs to take into account the views of anyone who has an interest in the regulation of solicitors in England and Wales. It does this through an open consultation process.

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