Sad Goodbye To Nine Highly-Distinguished SDT Members

On 30 April 2017 the SDT Board, membership, and staff said "Goodbye" to nine of our highly-distinguished and long-serving Solicitor and Lay Members on their retirement from the SDT. The dates in brackets next to names below indicate the date each Member joined the SDT.

Solicitor Members

Ken Duncan (2006)

Anthony Gibson (1980)

David Glass (2006)

Roger Woolfe (2002)

Lay Members

Michael Baughan (1990)

Leslie Bonham Carter (1980)

David Marlow (1983)

Valerie Murray-Chandra (2002)

Paul Wyatt (2006)

The President of the Tribunal Edward Nally commented "We will miss their wisdom and friendship and I offer a collective thanks for all that they have done in their work at the Tribunal."