Retirement of Ged Fisher, Lay Member

Ged Fisher, Lay Member of the SDT since 1 January 1999, retired on 25 January 2018 when his current term of appointment by the Master of the Rolls came to an end.

Ged joined the SDT with 35 years of experience of personnel work in industry. His wide experience of regulatory, disciplinary and employment matters in industry and commerce and as a lay member of tribunals for a number of professional bodies has been a great asset to SDT Divisions over a period of membership spanning 19 years.

Ged was elected Lay Vice-President of the Tribunal by his fellow Members in May 2010. He served a full three year term in that office and as a Director of the newly-instituted Board of the SDT's administration company SDTAL. Ged made an invaluable contribution to the work of the Board during the transitional period following the SDT's independence from The Law Society. He was a source of wise, practical counsel to former SDT Presidents Anthony Isaacs MBE, Jeremy Barnecutt, and Andrew Spooner.

The President of the SDT, Edward Nally, noted Ged's achievements during his service to the SDT. He added:

'Ged and I have sat together often, and invariably it has been for me an enlightening and enjoyable experience. I am constantly reminded of the range of important SDT cases upon which Ged has sat over the years. Ged has a remarkable memory and is blessed with the ability to apply incisive analysis and great wisdom to the most difficult of cases.'

Members and staff of the SDT wish Ged a long and happy retirement filled with many sunny days while travelling abroad.